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JC Triple Threat

Urban Pop Artist

JC aka Triple Threat is a 24 yr. old Singer/Songwriter, Artist, Screenwriter, Model, Voice Actor, Host, and Rapper.  His lyrical aptitude and flair is simultaneously ahead of his time and yet a throwback of the old school Hip-Hop style. 


When listening to his songs, you will notice that his music is infused with R&B, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Reggae and Latin influences. Don't be surprised if you hear a little classical too! JC Triple Threat is breaking down the Genre barriers to bring you his own unique interpretation of music. He refuses to be bound by limits so that he can be open to reach ultimate music creativity.


Country R&B Artist 

Katie is a Singer/Songwriter, Model, Actor and Host that aspires to influence, and motivate others who feel like giving up on themselves through her art. She truly believes that music is healing, and wants to aid in the healing of others, as so many have done for her. Katie is deeply passionate and determined to make her dreams a reality. She aspires to touch the lives of everyone, through her music and is determined to show that anyone can be resilient as long as you never give up, and always fight.


Katie is motivated to inspire, support, respect, and love showing the world that change can happen, not just within yourself, but that you, yourself, have the power to change the world. As Katie would say, “I am many things; but most importantly, I am Katie Turner.”

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