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Dance Team Auditions 2 - JUNE 30TH.jpg


Auditions are Closed to the Public

Auditions begin:         11;00 AM  

Auditions ends:          3:00 PM


REQUIRED FORMS & ITEMS TO AUDITION - All forms must be filled out and returned



All applications must be at the time each participant Checks in. You will receive a number that you must wear for the entire audition process.


  • Participants will perform a 2 Min. 30 Sec. or less choreographed routine or freestyle

  • Break

  • Interviews

  • Judging of routine

  • What are the age requirments?
    All participants must be 18 - 24 years of age by July 1, 2017.
  • What are the dress requiremnts for audtions?
    Form fitting attire and performance ready make up and hair. Do Not wear any clothing that could be dangerous to other dancers. i.e. big hoop earrings, lose clothing, fringe or strips of fabric hanging from clothes and make sure eye lashes, hair pieces, weaves or wigs are properly secured.
  • Is there a weight and height requirement?
    There are no weight requirements. However, participant's height must be 5'9'' and under.
  • What is the interview Process?
    As a team member of Triple Threat Productions' dance team you will be an ambassador for the entire company and JC Triple Threat. We are not only looking for dancers, we want hard-working, positive, outgoing, well spoken individuals with a good moral character. You will be asked a series of questions about the following: Past/Present employment Social media Support system Team commitment Time management Dance experience How you would handle certain situations We like to know who you are as a person and if you fit within our organization.
  • When are the practices?
    General practices will be held twice a week 2 - 4 hours in the evenings. Days and hours will be determined soon. Other weekday or weekend practices will be called only if needed. Please note: we will use our best efforts to accommodate full/part-time job and school schedules.
  • Will I have to travel?
    Yes, travel is a requirement. You will travel where JC Triple Threat is booked to perform which can be anywhere in or out of the United States. You will also be required to partake in any and all fundraisers to raise funds for trips including selling tickets.
  • How many events am I required to attend?
    Due to the nature of the business, we are unable to give an exact number of performances, appearances or events you must attend. We will do our best to work with all the team member's schedules. Please note that JC Triple performed over 70 times in one year. This should give you an indication on how available you need to be for the team.
  • What is the application fee?
    There's no application fee.
  • Can my family member or friend that gave me a ride come inside during auditions?
  • How many dancers will be picked for the team?
    6 - 8 dancers - 6 females and 2 males and two alternates.
  • What are the physical fitness requirements?
    We Do Not do body fat testing! We encourage all team members to stay fit and have good endurance. We accept all sizes and shapes! You Just Have to be Able to Bring It!!!
  • What style of dance do I need to know?
    Hip Hop. It is possible you may be required to do other forms of dance in the future.
  • What will I be judged on?
    Style Technique Sharpness of motion Memory - How quickly you pick up choreography Energy Smile Overall execution Technical Skills - leg extensions, flexibility, leaps, etc Physical attractiveness Professionalism
  • What forms and contracts am I required to sign?
    You are required to fill out and sign the following forms: Application Committment form Code of conduct form Physical Medical Release form Liability Release The selected Team Members will be given a 1 (one) year management contract with a 6 month probation clause. You will be given 3 days to review and sign.
  • What benefits do I receive being a member of the team?
    Performances Appearances Music Videos Other Videos (dance, instructional, promotional, marketing, etc) Commercials Team Management (you will be a part of the Triple Threat Productions' Roster) Dancer profile & Bio on 3ThreatPro website Travel Photo Shoots Mentorship - Giving Back Events - Showcases, Festivals, Contests, Charity, Concerts, Fairs, etc And More! Being a part of the Triple Threat Productions Dance Team affords you the opportunity gain more exposure and increase your experience. You get to be in the middle of all the action. You become a major contributor to the success of the team....the family!
  • Do we have to wear uniforms?
    Triple Threat will provide you with the following JC Triple Threat logoed items: Tanks T-shirts Hoodies Pants Triple Threat Productions just partnered with an Amazing clothing designer who will be designing a lot of the costumes. In other cases, we do our best to require wardrobe you already own. Please note: many performances require you to wear short black combat boots. Make sure you have a pair. More details will be discussed at the audtion.
  • Can I bring food and beverages to the audition?
    Yes. However, you must clean up all debris once finished. Food and drinks must be consumed during designated breaks only! Please note that no alcoholic beverages of any kind are permitted.
  • Are tattoos and piercings allowed?
    Although we do not prohibit tattoos or piercings, we do require that they are minimal and not distracting. Absolutely no face tattoos!!
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