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Origin:  Phoenix, AZ


Genre:  Country / R&B





 KATIE is a Singer/Songwriter and Model

Katie’s journey began  as a toddler, she had a passion for singing; it always made things a little easier, this gave her the comfort she needed to endure the life changing events she encountered. While her family was stationed in Germany, Katie won first place in the Military Regional Talent show which solidified her aspirations to be a performer.

At age 18, Katie signed with Almighty Entertainment with KGee from Cold Crush Brothers based out of NY and she also worked with producer Guy Lundy. In her mid 20’s she worked with Donnie King Entertainment and produced a few songs. At age 26 she began modeling. Katie’s first runway show was Spectacular Runway Show put on by Fabric. The second runway show she took part in was The Royal Affair, put on by designer Moni Moroc along with others. Katie has been involved in print modeling for Color Me Chic owned by Niki Fields.


Katie aspires to influence, and motivate others who feel like giving up on themselves through her art. She truly believes that music is healing, and wants to aid in the healing of others, as so many have done for her. Katie is deeply passionate and determined to make her dreams a reality. She aspires to touch the lives of everyone, through her music and is determined to show that anyone can be resilient as long as you never give up, and always fight. Katie is motivated to inspire, support, respect, and love showing the world that change can happen, not just within yourself, but that you, yourself, have the power to change the world. As Katie would say, “I am a singer and model; but most importantly, I am Katie Turner.”






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