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Showcase Rules and Regulations



All Ages Shows:  All underage performers must be accompanied by at least one adult 21+ at all times.

NO Irresponsible use of alcohol.

There is a zero tolerance drug policy. DO NOT bring alcohol, any contraband or Drug Paraphernalia into the venue. Anyone caught will have his/her wristband removed and will be banned from the venue without refunds.

NO Evap Pens or E-Cigarettes Permitted. Items will be confiscated and/or you will be asked to put in car.

NO liquor on stage, back stage or any other location other than the designated drinking areas. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be ejected from the property immediately.

Any minors caught drinking on the property will be removed or may be arrested.

Do Not move, climb over or tamper with barriers. Anyone caught will be asked to stop. If behavior or activity persists, individual will be removed immediately.

Minors attending the show are to stay in the underage designated area unless to use the bathroom facilities. Minors performing in the show may be in the green room behind the stage, on stage, the underage designated area or on the red carpet only.

Any Adults drinking alcohol CANNOT sit in the underage designated area.

NO Public nudity or obscene clothing.

DO NOT drop microphone.  Anyone who maliciously drops or damages any equipment will be ejected immediately and will be 100% financially responsible for any incurred damages.

DO NOT go over your scheduled set time. If you go over your time limit, the music will stop and you will be escorted off the stage. We do understand that you may go over by 1 or 2 minutes. Blatant disregard for time will not be tolerated.

NO Taunting, heckling, abusive or disruptive language and obscene or offensive gestures, imagery or symbolism (gang signs). Anyone participating in this behavior will be asked to stop. If individual is uncooperative and persists to offend, he/she will be removed from the venue and wristband revoked. In certain situations, the offender may be arrested.

NO Fighting. All parties will be removed from the venue immediately. Any damage to property or persons as a result of fighting or ejection, will be the sole responsibility and 100% liability of party and/or parties involved.

NO explicit or vulgar language at All Ages Show. No Performer is permitted to use explicit or vulgar language in their lyrics or using such language while addressing the crowd. Music will be stopped and you will be removed from the stage. If your songs contain this type of language, you must perform the clean version.

NO gang related clothing. (i.e. bandanas, gang symbols or words on t-shirts or hats).

NO mosh pits, crowd surfing, pushing or aggressive dancing on the dance floor. Anyone engaging in this behavior will be asked to stop. If behavior persists, individual(s) will be ejected.

NO squirting liquids from the stage to the audience and from audience to the stage. Anyone caught will be removed immediately.

NO throwing of any kind of objects from the stage into the audience such as microphone, drum sticks, equipment or instruments of any kind. Individual(s) will be asked to stop. If behavior persists, offender(s) will be ejected immediately.

Any wristband that has been altered in anyway, stretched, or cutoff will be void. Anyone found in venue without an wristband, stamp or event marking will be removed from the venue.

NO food or drinks can be brought into the venue with exception of supplements for infants.

NO loitering will be allowed in the Parking lot or near any of the surrounding businesses.

This is generally a first come-first serve seating. Any Reserved seating is at an additional cost.

NO standing on chairs, sitting on someone’s shoulders or sitting on any type of equipment or barricade.

NO flashlights, lasers, laser pointers, artificial noise making devices, fireworks, firearms or remote control toys of any type will be allowed inside the venue. Any item deemed unsafe will be confiscated or you will be asked to put item in car.

NO Pets allowed unless they are there to assist someone who is disabled. ( i.e. “Seeing eye dogs.”) Pets must be leashed and picked up after.

Merchandise may be sold with written consent of Triple Threat Productions. If you wish to sell merchandise, you must contact us in advance to ensure there is room and/or proper placement in or outside venue.

All Performers and attendees are expected abide by the rules and regulations, and respect the venue, staff, security, agents and members of Triple Threat Productions.

Please note that Triple Threat Productions has staff and licensed security at all its events for EVERYONE’S Safety.



Thank you for your cooperation,

Triple Threat Productions Management

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